Reserve the camera of the future today.

"It’s part ultimate travel camera, part spy gear." - Geoffrey A. Fowler, WSJ


  • L16 Camera
  • Wrist strap
  • Case
  • USB cable
  • Charger

L16 Camera

Meet the L16, the smarter, smaller, easier camera of the future. Get ready to see life in detail.

Wrist Strap

Our comfy nylon-suede wrist strap makes it easy for you to carry your L16 camera wherever you go.


Our gray cushioned case protects your L16 from harm’s way—and allows quick and easy access for that perfect spontaneous shot.

USB Cable

Our L16-specific cable connects with a range of devices for charging and transferring files on the go.


We designed our USB 3.0 power adapter specifically for L16 so that you can replenish your camera fast and protect your battery in the process.

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... the L16 proves that Light’s crazy idea actually works and is poised to shape the future of photography.”

When you see this camera, you will immediately want to pick it up and shoot pictures with it.”

... a revolutionary new point-and-shoot camera that aims to transform the way we think about cameras.”